Wismar Massacre Research Group - Established May 26, 2018

Wismar Massacre Research Group - Established May 26, 2018
Photo : Ramdath Jagessar

Researching and defining the truth and meaning of the Wismar Massacre of May 26, 1964 in Guyana

 Coordinators: Roop Misir rmisir2000@yahoo.com,  Gulcharan Mohabir gmohabir@hotmail.com

Researchers:  Ram Jagessar  ram.jagessar@gmail.com,  Naveen Chandra chandraalex@hotmail.com


August 7, 2018


We announce the formation of the Wismar Massacre Research Group, following up on a resolution at the Wismar Massacre Memorial Toronto held on May 26, 2018 at the Voice of Dharma Temple in Scarborough, Ontario.

At that memorial the audience and presenters all agreed that the Wismar Massacre, one of the most traumatic and devastating events in Guyana history, had been sadly neglected and ignored and something must be done to show its true importance.  The Wismar Massacre Research Group is the result.

Enough evidence was presented at the memorial to show that Wismar was a trigger event for the mass exodus of several hundred thousand mostly Indian Guyanese, and for the shattering of any possibility of national unity between the two major ethnic groups the Indian and African Guyanese. Wismar in a sense was the end of a dream of El Dorado for Guyana and the beginning of a road downwards from which the country has never recovered. The Research Group aims to document this thoroughly for the first time and present the world with a definitive and comprehensive dossier on what Wismar was in 1964 and all the consequences that have flowed from that terrible ethnic cleaning tragedy.

We seek the assistance of any and all interested parties to gather or create all data in Wismar including. There is an enormous volume of  information on Wismar that has to be collected and analysed to give a true picture of the importance of this event, including:

  • Eyewitness evidence from Wismar survivors and those who were alive in 1964, reports from those who met and helped Wismar survivors, reports from Guyanese and people around the world at the time and today about what they heard of  Wismar and their view of its impact.
  • Media reports, photographs and broadcast material from Guyanese and international sources at the time and later.
  • Evidence from local Guyanese organizations at the time, evidence from hospitals and official commissions, evidence from government sources at the time, evidence from the Guyanese diaspora and sources in the Caribbean, especially Indo Caribbean sources.
  • Cultural sources including references in books, poems and creative writing, painting and drama, video and film.
  • Articles and analysis that reference Wismar and any similar events in Guyana and other countries in the Caribbean, with specific attention to Indo Caribbeans and the Indo Caribbean diaspora.
  • Surveys and verbal reports, as well as written comments on Wismar and its impact.

In short, any and all material relevant to Wismar, which will be sorted and assembled into a definitive Wismar dossier, hopefully by the anniversary of the Wismar Massacre on May 26. 2019. All material submitted will be held in strict confidence, and the names and contact information of those providing information will be withheld if they so desire.

We urge all who are interested in bringing the light of truth on the dark events of Wismar to submit their information to the Research group Ram Jagessar at ram.jagessar@gmail  telephone 416-289-9088 or Naveen Chandra at chandraalex@hotmail.com, . Roop Misir rmisir2000@yahoo.com 647 692 4547Gulcharan Mohabir gmohabir@hotmail.com 647.430.3612

We will shortly be sending out questionnaires for information collecting, guidelines on where to find information, and other assistance to volunteer researchers and collectors. This will be a large undertaking and we will take all the help we can get, from anywhere in the world and from any relevant source.


For further information contact Ram Jagessar at 416-289-9088  or ram.jagessar@gmail.com.

A full video of the Wismar Massacre Memorial Toronto is available at