Why Investigate Killings during PPP & not PNC rule?

Why Investigate Killings during PPP & not PNC rule?

Photo : Dr. Vishnu Bisram

Fairness and justice dictate that all crimes and all politically and racially motivated killings be investigated and not only those that occurred during the PPP tenure in office. There were more crimes and killings during the PNC tenure in office (1966 thru 1992) all racially and politically motivated. So why focus only on what occurred under PPP? 

And with the focus on Bharrat Jagdeo, why start from 2002? The starting period should be December 1997 when there were politically motivated crimes (instigated by PNC) during and after the election campaign. Many people were beaten, raped, robbed, and murdered. On January 12, 1998 thousands of Indians were beaten. Many women were stripped naked, and several were raped. These were documented in a report. This was also a time when the opposition called for the burning down of Georgetown. There was an official policy of Desmond Hoyte that was reported in all the media on "slo fyah, gyam fyah, mo fyah". Should this not be investigated and the intellectual authors and perpetrators brought to justice? Should not Hoyte and others connected to crimes be investigated? And speaking of 2002, how did the terrorists break out of jail? Who assisted them? Who protected them and housed them? Who met with them?

And before this period, many of us (including Moses Nagamootoo, Clement Rohee, Moses Bhagwan, Josh Ramsammy, Rupert Roopnarine, Leyland Roopnarine, Navin Chandrapaul, etc.) were victims during the campaign for the restoration of democratic rule in Guyana (1966 thru 1992). There must be an investigation into these political crimes.  

Investigating killings that occurred during the administration of your political opponents, as is now being undertaken, comes across as witch hunting and victimization for political reasons. There were countless murders and other crimes and atrocities committed by other political parties. Fairness requires that these crimes also be investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice.

To show he is serious about investigation past crimes and in showing that he is for fair play, running a crime free administration, and in pursuing justice for thousands of victims of the PNC dictatorship, President Granger must investigate all crimes going back to when his party was in government and or which the PNC was implicated when the PPP was in government. The families of the victims want justice. Equity and justice deserve no less.