The wrath of Mother Kali knows no bound!

The wrath of Mother Kali knows no bound!
Photo : Goddess Kali

The entire modus operandi of colonial society was to protect the planters and importers/distributors’ interest and welfare. Smoke herring, salt fish are two of the foods that Caribbean people continue to relish despite the fact that every colony was surrounded by sea and had numerous rivers and ponds where fish abounds. Cassava was a staple for the indigenous people but was replaced by imported wheat flour to feed the slaves and indentured Indians.

Development of indigenous skills and products were discouraged. Lands were denied the ex-slaves to grow crops. In Jamaica the demand for land to graze animals and the refusal of colonial authority to grant permission resulted in the Mourant Bay Rebellion of 1864. The subsequent punishment of the perpetrators of that revolt ensured that no such actions were taken in the future.

In 1884 the Indians suffered a similar fate when they took to the streets of San Fernando to celebrate Hosay. Seventeen Indians were killed on the spot  when the police opened fire and scores were injured, many dying subsequently. Most shocking was the support given to the colonial state by John Morton, the head and founder of the Canadian Mission. He stated before a Commission of Inquiry that the Indians were ‘deserving of such treatment’ by the colonial authority.

The oppression of the people continued unabated. The agitation by Indians at the end of the 2nd World War to build denominational schools was met with opposition. The colonial society saw the salvation of Indians through the doors of the Canadian Mission School where the hidden curriculum was to make them ashamed of their history and heritage.

The Indian leadership resisted this gross imposition of a foreign and alien culture and theology. After a long battle they won the right to build schools. However, when the PNM came to power in 1956 its leadership launched a blistering attack describing the schools as cowsheds. Many schools that were constructed and ready for opening remained shut and had to be abandoned.

The opening of the Indian denominational schools resulted in the demise of the Presbyterian missionaries from the shores of Trinidad. They saw the writings on the walls and packed their bags and returned to Canada to die. But they left behind their masked minions who still prowl around with scissors in their hands cutting the rakshas in students’ wrists. I only hope that these self-haters understand the spiritual backlash they are risking when they engage in such dastardly and uncivilized actions! The wrath of Mother Kali knows no bound! They are certainly digging their own graves!

Not only were the Indians marginalised but also the Africans who refused to denounce their African identity. The Merikins were one such group. They came from the USA in 1815 and were settled in Moruga. They practiced their traditional religions under the spiritual inspiration and leadership of Mother Corn Husk and Papa Neesa. These towering spiritual figures bellowed to the colonial authority that African culture has a strong spiritual dimension and Jesus was only part of the answer.

In 1961 the PNM opened the floodgate to small islanders to boost its electoral fortune at the polls in the  General Elections.  While a few of these migrants got HDC houses and jobs in local government departments, the vast majority were abandoned after their votes were cast. Their economic survival became tied to the urban social programs, thus exposing them to the vagaries of the economy.

Today, with 68% of the GDP being spent on imports, productivity level at 35% according to an Independent Senator in the 2018 Budget debate and debt to GDP ratio 62% the future of T&T’s economy and society is bleak. The only salvation for this country is revolution or the overthrow of the rotten system that exploits the masses and props up a parasitic oligarchy now dubbed the 1%. Their unrestrained greed is going to be the ignition to their demise.

 We need to take inspiration from the great leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Ho Chi Minh, Mao Tse Tung, Makaandal Daaga, Nelson Mandela, etc. These men stood up and fought Satan to liberate their people from the clutches of oppression. They are the shining stars in the galaxy ready to guide freedom-loving people in their struggles for justice and salvation.