Photo : Vassan Ramracha

When will Indians activists, writers and politicians man up and say or write the truth on the ethnic 'war' in Guyana politics?  Why do they speak with "false tongue?".   Why these Indians always have to sugar coat or give a "balanced view" on ethnicity?

Discourse. Can no Indian call a spade a spade. I listen to the Honorable Prime Minister of Guyana speak in Trinidad at the Diwali Nagar a year ago where Mr. Nagamootoo speech castigated both the main parties for racism. Yet, today Mr. Nagamootoo is now a big supporter of the PNC. Mr. GHK Lall   give some excellent figures on the departures of Guyanese to mostly North America and how it can affect the elections outcome ethnically in Guyana. The point is in the history of Guyana numerical [Indian] advantage does not define who will win elections. It's the party [ PNC] that will rig the elections that will always win… Whether, the Indians or the Africans immigrated, the Africans will win, unless the U.S.A. says otherwise.  Again, Mr. Ramesh Ganpat writes on who suffered more- the Africans or the Indians with his sugar coating and balanced view. Mr. Ramesh Gampat continued his thesis by landscaping it with his life story in Essequibo, Guyana… Oh beautiful Guyana, and how the Africans and Indians live peacefully.  Those same Africans were the ones' who voted for PNC who destroyed the dreamers and drove them to go to the USA.   

Now Mr. Lall is doing his own simplistic voters’ arithmetic but, not according to PNC arithmetic. Guyana was always beautiful until the first Prime Minister and President committed the 'Original Political Crime Rig Sin' that trickles down to an every day

culture today.