Right to Political Choice

Right to Political Choice

I am currently visiting Toronto where Local Government Elections are about to be held. The usual electioneering signs promoting the candidatures of various aspirants for political office litter the lawns of the residents; this is not unusual. However, what I find rather interesting and definitely unusual is to see the promotional signs of competing candidates being placed side by side in the same yard as shown above. (Unfortunately, the different colours of the signs indicating the different parties, cannot be seen in this black& white presentation, but one is Blue representing the Conservative Party and the other is Red representing the Liberal Party and therefore their differential ‘platforms’ based on ideology and approach to government and development as opposed to race/religious and other irrelevant circumstances.)

It is obvious that at least two adults living in the same home ‘proudly’ and ‘openly’ support different political parties (in this case the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party), without the ugly rancor of race, colour or any other irrelevant distraction such as is common here in Guyana!

Those of us who have experienced or witnessed the ugly and self-destructive impact of narrow racial considerations in our various governments of the day in Guyana, would do well to take note that these base instincts can be subsumed if not removed altogether, so that we can focus objectively on the real issues and modalities of government and administration…and as a result vote for the right policy-oriented candidate instead of the race-baiters and promoters of division.

And, may God help us all!

Nowrang Persaud