NCIC Heritage Art Gallery Opens to the Public

NCIC Heritage Art Gallery Opens to the Public
Photo : Shastri Maharaj addresses audience

Renowned painter, Shastri Maharaj, has placed for public viewing his collection-Aagama-The Coming. The Exhibition was launched at the NCIC Heritage Art Gallery, Endeavour, Chaguanas last Saturday evening. More than 40 paintings on the Indian heritage in Trinidad was captured with acrylic on canvas. It is an offering of the NCIC to commemorate the 174th anniversary of Indian Arrival Day.

Photo : Pandita Indrani and other patrons view art exhibit.

“What inspired your paintings?” He responded: “Life.” The theme on the Indian experience was inspired by “my piece on arrival…that set the tone.”

“I am new to the people of central and south but the people in the north are quite familiar with my works,” Shashtri said. “Why is this so?” I asked.  “Nothing is happening in central Trinidad in relation to the arts because there are no art galleries,” he retorted.

Paras Ramoutar, a columnist with ICDN.TODAY and several international newspapers and magazines featuring the Indian diaspora described the event as “a magnificent display of Indian art. It reflects the life story of our forefathers that came 174 years ago.” Ramoutar continued: “This exhibition has given a new vigour, a new strength and a new vitality to the community. It should be shared with other diasporic communities and used as a learning experience.”

Photo : Deoroop Teemal, Chairman of NCIC Heritage Library & Research Centre, views  an exhibit.

 Deoroop Teemal, Chairman of NCIC Heritage Library & Research Centre, felt “honoured and privileged to be showcasing the works of Shastri Maharaj, one of the foremost Indo-Trinidadian artist… exceedingly unique.” Teemal said that “there will be special viewing for primary and secondary school children along with workshops with the artist himself to pass on knowledge and basic techniques.”

“The NCIC Heritage Library & Research Centre had two exhibitions but with aspiring artists. This is the first time we are having an exhibition on a central theme with a renowned artist,” Teemal informed.

Dhaniram Sankar, artiste and sculptor, was at hand viewing the exhibits, said that “I know Shastri as an instructor many decades ago” but did not volunteer a comment because “I am yet to take a full look at the pieces.”

Photo : Renowned sculptor, Dhaniram Sankar, views an exhibit.

Shastr1 is the holder of a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada and a Master of Education from the University of the West Indies.

Shastri has held more than 25 Mixed and One Man Show Exhibitions since 1982 locally, regionally and internationally.

The exhibition is opened to the public Monday to Friday between 10:00 a.m. -7:00 p.m. and Sat, Sun & Public Holidays-2:00p.m. -7:00 p.m.

Companies purchasing art from the exhibition can claim 100% of the expenses against tax.


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