Modi poised to return as PM of India

Modi poised to return as PM of India

The voting culture of the people of India reflects the cultural plurality of the society. No single view predominates in India and it is truly a challenge to get these diverse people to follow fanatically one leader or political philosophy. The people remain as diverse as the predominant Hindu dharma that underpins the society.

With more than 900 m electors voting in seven phases of voting which began on April 11 and continues until May 19, this exercise is described as the greatest display of democracy on earth. The results of the elections will be released on 23 May, 2019. While there have been complaints of irregularities, notwithstanding open violence and killing of a few candidates and political workers, overall the atmosphere has been peaceful.

Another feature of the election is the enforcement of a code of conduct during the election campaign. This has been very effective as some of the heavy weights have been suspended from campaigning and called to account for their trespasses. More so it has helped curbed the exploitation of communal grievances to win votes.

The BJP is campaigning on a philosophy to make India proud and its recent response to the security challenges from Pakistan, its erstwhile enemy. Its strategy is to awaken the Hindu masses to the reality that they are the majority and that the prevailing democracy and rights of minorities are guaranteed only with a Hindu majority in the country.

The Congress has not really won the hearts of the majority but has ruled by pandering to the minorities, labelling the Hindus as bigots, giving reasons for minorities to fear the Hindu majority. The Muslims within the Congress are making communal demands for seats, similar to what had happened in pre-partitioned days.

Casteism has been accentuated under the Congress to label the Hindu majority as oppressive.  Scheduled castes and tribal communities have been made to feel that they are persecuted by the Brahmins who are invaders that brought Hinduism and an oppressive caste system. This narrative is perpetuated in media houses by journalists and leftist intellectuals disguised as champions of secularism.

Communism is not dead but has now morphed into the so-called liberal propaganda. Communists have controlled the political destinies of Kerala and West Bengal and succeeded in keeping those societies poor and backward. They were at the fore in the recent Sabarimala Temple disturbances in Kerala and are actively supportive of the Naxilite Maoist rebels in the eastern States that kill and maim security personnel, landlords and the poor that refuse to carry out their carnage. The current elections are a direct challenge to these agents of foreign interests who haggle Mother India for a few pieces of silver and accolades from foreign interests.

Christian missionaries have been operating in India for more than three hundred years but have failed to convert more than 1% of the population. In more recent time millions of dollars are sent to charity institutions to bribe members of the ST to convert to Christianity. Many ST leaders are encouraged to travel abroad to appear before the UK House of Commons and the US Congress to make unsubstantiated depositions of Hindu atrocities against lower caste communities. They are also provided interviews in major news network and university fora to spew their half-truths, lies and innuendoes.

Muslims are anti-BJP to the core. They tied themselves fanatically to the Congress which continues to invoke fear of Hindu domination. The Congress has succeeded in alienating the Muslims from the BJP so much so that their votes are now taken for granted. Congress is fielding only 31 Muslims in the 2019 elections. In 2014 it fielded 32 and only 7 won their seats.

The Indian Muslim is waking up to the reality that their destiny is with the BJP. Muslim women voted overwhelmingly in the last state election in UP with the promise by the BJP that “triple talak” will be removed.

Indian Muslims are 15% of the Indian population (172 million) and cannot be wished away. They are today reviewing their political stocks. In West Bengal and other parts of India Muslims are embracing the BJP which they are seeing as the sobering hope for the future.

 The so-called secularist western educated elites are no longer the dominant voices in the media. Media is diverse today and so are views. Hindutva leaders are using the digital media to respond to the propaganda of the foreigners and their agents. The dissemination of information is no longer a one-way traffic!

With a growth rate of 7% and a young population, India is well positioned to tackle its many social, political and security issues. The return of the BJP with Modi at the helm will only add impetus to that onward march. The people are going to feel more secured from treats from extra-territorial forces. The return of the 500,00 Kashmiri Pandit to their homes in Jammu would now be guaranteed and the special law that confined ownership of land to Kashmiris only will now  be rescinded, thus providing the right to all Indians to purchase properties, live and work in Kashmir & Jammu. India can learn much from the Chinese in the handling of its Muslim minority in western China.