Iron Man Glenn: “Dhall belly labelling proven wrong”

Iron Man Glenn: “Dhall belly labelling proven wrong”
Photo : Dr. Glenn Ramadharsingh

Glenn Ramadharingh was among four locals that completed the Mazda Iron Man Triathlon in Conzumel, Mexico on Sunday Nov. 17, 2018. The other three were Dianne Henderson, Vice President of Trinidad and Tobago Olympics Committee (TTOC), Paul Hee Houng and Allyah Drakes. 

One of the more enduring physical challenges in the sporting arena, The Iron Man Triathlon comprised of three segments: a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile biking and a marathon run.  Glenn completed the total distance of 130.4 miles in 16 hours 6 minutes. The overall winner was Michael Weiss of Austria with a record time of 7 hours and 58 minutes. Dianne Henderson was the best among the Trinidadians completing in 14hours 59 minutes. A total of 1, 493 participated in the event.

No fly by night athlete, Glenn trains with XO Club. His involvement in athletics began at Iere College, Siparia where he was a member of the football team. His athletic prowess was also displayed in the annual Presbyterian Games. At the tertiary level Glenn played football for Natural Sciences Faculty and was captain of the Veterinary School Football Team at Medical Science Faculty when he was a student.

His entry into the Triathlon was slow and gradual. It was eight years ago when he contemplated entering the triathlon. “My first competitive race was in 2013 when I competed in a 2.6 mile Maracas Swim.  Though it was hard and gruelling I stock at it and completed the distance,” he stressed.

In 2014 Glenn entered two races: the Rainbow Cup in Tobago and a Cross Channel Swim between St Kitts and Nevis. The Rainbow Cup comprised of three segments: a 750m swim, a 20km biking and 5km run. “I was happy with my performance.  My family and friends encouraged me all along,” said Glenn. In 2016 Glenn competed in another Rainbow Cup in Tobago. This time he was able to improve his time. “I was pleased with myself. The hard work of training with my Club and the guidance of my Coach were now bearing fruits,” Glenn recalled with a sense of pride.

2018 was a big challenge for Glenn. In June he entered the Rainbow Cup swimming 1.5 km, biking 40 km and running 10 km. “Again, I was pleased with my performance. I have a philosophy-Never Quit. That has always been at the back of my head when I am competing,” said Glenn.

2018 presented another challenge for Glenn. This time it was the UWI Spec Half Marathon International. Athletes from other parts of the world competed in this premier event. “I completed the distance in 2 hours 4 minutes,” he reported.

Glenn’s daily life is more than a triathlon-his family commitment, his role as Chairman of the Siparia Regional Corporation, his practice as a veterinarian with two offices at St Augustine and Freeport and as a lawyer. This daily routine has certainly prepared him mentally for such enduring physical challenges.

“I dedicate this Iron Man victory to the youths of the nation. I hope it would inspire not only our youths but all ages to pay close attention to fitness and health,” said Glenn. “The negative labelling of dhal-belly that is perpetuated on a segment of our population has been proven wrong,” said Glenn.

Gowtam Maharaj, a class mate at Iere College, recalled Glenn as one who always strives to rise above the norm. “Glenn was always challenging the norm. He not only participated in sports but also excelled in academia. Both of us were part of the debating team that won the Challenge Trophy for Iere College in the TRINTOC Oil Quiz in the mid -1980s,” Gowtam recalled.

“I see my success at the Mazda Iron Man Triathlon as a victory for those who have been failing to take their rightful place in the field of athletics. I am happy to be an inspiration to them,” Glenn concluded.