Photo : Kamla Persad- Bissessar

Indian political ' dwarfism ' is the reasons for Indian political setback in Trinidad and Guyana. Indians lack of vision politically leave them short sighted in building political infrastructures to boost their voters’ bank and their constituencies. Indians like to play the game of 'honesty is the best policy' within the African political arena and they lose most of the time.

When Indian leaders   are in power, they do not apply the same scheme as African leaders and thinkers. Our Indians leaders and political thinkers will build highways, roads, schools and hospitals that benefit all races. Our Indians leaders will rule and administrate within laws and the constitutions and protect democratic voters’ rights and bow out gracefully when defeated in general elections, but not so our African opponents.

In Trinidad when local powers were handed down in 1956 to the African PNM party immediately the PNM started building their political ethnic infrastructures and voters banks to ensure the African PNM life – line politically that impacted on African social life.

1. African PNM party always kept the armed forces predominantly black.

2. Rigging elections and gerrymandering boundaries was in seasons in the 1950s and 1960s.

3. Bullying and preventing Indians to vote.

4. Encouraging African massive migrations in

    Trinidad now called the PNM - East / West Corridor.

5. PNM used the treasury as their personal wealth, etc. In1966 – Afrio Guyanese PNC did the same as their African PNM brothers.

6. They kept the Arm Forces predominantly black.

7. Elections were constantly rigged and violence was employed to cow the opposition supporters.

3.   Encouraging African people [ Haiti / islanders immigration ]  to build their voter banks.

4. Unlike Trinidad the African PNC party destroyed Guyana in all areas.


 In Trinidad and Guyana African leaders do not play by rules, laws and do not care how Indian feel or react because their opponents [ Indians] play by way of rules and respect the courts decisions.

The African leaders are not dwarfs' in their behavior or thinking, nor restricted by good reasons, civility, or laws, resolving conflict peacefully.  It's not in their domain. African leaders are not in the business of rational logical thinking. When the African is wrong, he is still right.

Indian Political Solutions.

Indian leaders and Political Thinkers must STOP THEIR MYOPIC BEHAVIOR

and become long sighted in their political thinking. Learn to walk tall, and be


responding to their opponents. Encourage Indians boldly to live in Trinidad

and multiply. When in power grab Indians off the streets and drag them

the armed forces under Indian hierarchy and disregard what their opponents

have to say. In Guyana and Trinidad building voters’ banks is a priority to

Indian political life - line. Indians need to speak the African ' language' and

behave like them to get respects. We Indians need many CHOWKIDAR

to survive.

Yes, you will be called a racist, so what, you just playing the African

game politically.