Hindu Parivaar Credit Union opens for business

Hindu Parivaar Credit Union opens for business
Photo : Ramcharan Motilal and other devotees joined in havaan

The Hindu Parivaar Credit Union (HPCU) Co-operative Society Ltd was officially opened for business on Thursday 01 November, 2018 with a Havaan at its Headquarters at #779 Papourie Road, Lower Barrackpore.

Conducting the Havaan was Pandit Vivek  Maharaj. After the blessings of the office there was a cutting of the ribbon combined with the bursting of a dry coconut to officially open the offices for business with the public.

Ramcharan Motilal, President of the HPCU, stressed the importance of arth or wealth for social and spiritual development.  He went on to quote Swami Vivekananda who said: “To a hungry man food is god.” He added: “We need to bring prosperity to the Hindu people.”

Ramcharan was critical of the Hindu community: “Hindus are excellent as individuals but disorganized as a group. We need this collective shakti if we have to survive and attain our goals.”

Gowtam Maharaj, a director, and President of the Blue Bird Sporting and Cultural Organization, said that the credit union would “provide seed capital for private entrepreneurship. This is what Barrackpore and other rural communities in the south need for this leap forward.”

The Inaugural General Meeting of the HPCU took place on Saturday April 04th, 2018 at the residence of Ramcharan Motilal. Officials of the Co-operative Division of the Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprises supervised the election of a Board of Directors, a Supervisory Committee and a Credit Committee.

With the office located at #779 Papourie Road, Barrackpore both Ramcharan and Gowtam agreed that there should not be any drive for mass members and opted for the exercise of caution and proper screening of applicants.

The office hours are:  Wednesdays (1:00-6:00 p.m); Saturdays (8:00a.m.-1:00 p.m.). For further information contact Ramcharan Motilal (477-7205).