Photo : Vassan Ramracha

Notre Dame Cathedral represents French civilizations and way of life and should be reverend by all its citizen and new comers. The burning of the Cathedral united all of France and mostly Catholics globally. Money has been pouring in to rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral from all parts of the World to sustain Catholic pride and civilizations. The destructions of Notre Dame Cathedral depending on who is explaining the' Sermon on the Mount ' can be seen as death and resurrections as in the crucifixion of Jesus Christto unite his people or the Jews.

The rebuilding of Notre Dame Cathedral   also explains the recycle of death and rebirth [ Samsara] and the reason for the Hindu Gods' Vishnu and Shiva. Vishnu the Preserver, preservers the tangible and intangible, mountains, rivers, and the human minds to functions logically within time. Then comes Shiva the destroyer to keep with contemporary time [Smriti]. Shiva destroys in order to rebuild news structures and the human minds to meet the needs of today.

Destructions not only bring grief and sorrow, it also brings unity, love when it's most needed. It's a kind of recycle to attain Moksha to liberate oneself from the evils of the World. And like all Mandirs in the Caribbean as the Cathedral of France, the Mandirs represents Indian history, narratives and our Indian Vedic civilizations.

France is having its own Death and Rebirth

Vive La France.  

Happy Easter Sunday.

Vassan  Ramracha. / Swami Sawai Vaskanada