Black People are Beyond Reproach

Black People are Beyond Reproach
Photo : Dr. Keith Rowley

What is the ethnic composition of the Anti-Corruption Investigation Bureau? How many Indians are in the ACIB? Indians are 38% of the population and are least represented at decision making level of the police service.

The CoP is not Indian. Harold Phillips, the Deputy CoP is not Indian. The Minister of National Security and the Attorney General are not Indians and so is the Prime Minister. Where else do you have a security and legal apparatus of a State where the largest single ethnic component is absent? This would only happen where the armed forces are an occupational army? Are Indians living in pre 1845 India where the British Raj is ruling and Dr Keith Rowley in the Viceroy?

Why is this so? After 57 seven years of independence the country has failed to redress this ethnic imbalance in the armed forces. What is worse is that when it is spoken about, the non-Indians shouts racism which is amplified in the media. Yet the said Africans support the cries of the black communities in the USA and the UK in their cries and yells against racism and police brutality.

And while they have the right to struggle for Black rights, when Nizam Mohammed addressed the absence of Indians in decision making positions in the TT Police Service, he was hounded out of office.  President Max Richard rescinded his appointment as chair of the Police Service Commission and the Express was so irresponsible in its reporting that it was ordered by the court to pay damages to Nizam Mohammed.  Israel Khan commented on the said imbalance and experienced similar reactions. It’s like an unwritten law that Black people are beyond reproach.

Black governments are known for being cruel not only to other ethnic groups but also to their own.  A case in point is Idi Amin of Uganda who came to power in a military coup in 1971 and went about destroying all opponents. Eighty thousand Indians (80,000) were expelled and had to seek asylum in UK, Australia, USA, Canada and other parts of the world. Today, Indians are 15,000 (less than 1%) of the population of Uganda and contributes 65% of the annual revenues. It leaves one to wonder where the economy of Uganda would have been had the Indians not been expelled!

In Guyana the Blacks sided with the CIA to remove Cheddi Jagan from office in the 1960s. Indian were denied employment in the public bureaucracy.  The security apparatus worked against the welfare of Indians. Guyanese military personnel raided Indian families driving them to migrate. Are we going to see an exodus of Indians from T&T?

Photo : COP Gary Griffith

Has the TTPS ever raided a house in Westmoorings without reason as was done in the recent raids in Gulf View, La Romaine? These raids were directed to intimidate the Indian population. With Anand Ramlogan and Gerard Ramdeen in police custody the government had to send a clear signal to the Indian community that we are in charge and can do as we please.

The modus operandi of the PNM was always to create a police force to intimidate Indians. Winning General Election in Trinidad has always been a challenge since 1956. The number of marginals is increasing and a greater number of citizens are vying for a meritocracy rather than a selection process guided by ethnic and party card affiliation. So much for gerrymandering and house padding!

Our protective service continues to fail us. If TT has to move forward the Police Service must be independent of the politicians. Today we have a CoP who was favoured by the politicians for the top cop position. Any individual with a sense of shame and decency would have opted to earn his post on merit. This is nothing short of robbery…it is a white-collar crime! I would hope that when the UNC forms government that it would sponsor a Commission of Inquiry into the recruitment process in the arms forces. It would be a giant stride in the way forward for T&T.